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Product description

A typical machine for exercising chest muscles in sitting position. It has a regulation of span of the shoulders, seat and load.



Weight: 120 kg (with load)
Load: 60 kg (10 x 6 kg)
Height: 200 cm
Width: 80 cm
Length: 100 cm


General construction:

Frame: made out of steel profiles
Color of the frame: standard - yellow*
Cushions: coated fabric PVC
Color of the pads: standard - red*
Rotating parts: on ball and cone bearings
Shifting the load: by a steel rope of 700kg maximum weight capacity
Load: 10 bars of 6 kg each, which are attached to the chrome-plated runners with spring shock-absorption system
Extra load: There are two symmetrically assembled pins in the standard set, allowing you to add an extra load (up to 50 kg)



This machine can help us with developing and strengthening the chest muscles.


The whole set includes:

Cushions, seat, complete structure of the machine, rotating elements, steel rope, standard load


* You can choose a different color from a wide range of available hues



Acceptable way of placing orders is via e-mail: redakcja@armpower.net
Shipping and possible duty should be added to the given prices.



Acceptable way of placing enquiries is via e-mail: redakcja@armpower.net or by the phone +48 58 621 93 08 at 8.00a.m. - 4.00p.m.



100% prepayment (money transfer)

In case of large orders: 50% advance and the rest of the money payment made on the day of the articles dispatch to the client.

Given prices are gross prices (they include 23% VAT).


The ordered products are delivered around the whole world.
The goods are sent packed in envelopes, boxes or pallets


Delivery costs:

Personal receipt (Gdynia, Poland)


Delivery Poland

  • POLISH POST: Economic registered letter (prepayment): PLN 14
  • Priority registered letter (prepayment): PLN 16
  • Post parcel (payment at delivery): PLN 20
  • Shipment weighing max. up to 2kg.
  • Shipment over 2kg - individual fee valuation
  • FEDEX COURIER: Courier shipment (prepayment): shipment up to 10kg: PLN 15
  • shipment up to 40kg: PLN 25
  • shipment up to 55kg: PLN 55
  • Courier shipment (payment at delivery): up to PLN 2,000 additional fee PLN 10
  • above PLN 2,000 - individual fee valuation
  • Shipment of max weight over 60kg - individual pricing
  • 1 x euro pallet up to 600 kg: 300 PLN over 600 kg: for individual valuation


Delivery World


  • Articles of the total weight of up to and over 50kg: FedEx transport company (beyond European Union) individual pricing
  • Articles of the total weight of over 50kg : individual pricing


Sending data including: street, postal code, city and country via e-mial is essential for individual pricing.

When we are out of stock for ordered products the time to prepare order is up to 45 working days from the day of the order placement.


Lacquer colours:

In case of lacquered elements we offer basic lacquer colours listed below:


01 -white (RAL 9016)
02 -beige (RAL 1014)
03 -sandy (RAL 1002)
04 -yellow (RAL 1021, RAL1023)
05 -orange (RAL 2004)
06 -red (RAL 3020)
07 -black (RAL 9004)
08 -light blue (RAL 5012)
09 -dark blue (RAL 5002)
10 -light grey (RAL 7040)
11 -grey (RAL 7043)
12 -light green (RAL 6018)
13 -dark green (RAL 6029)

There is a possibility of choosing another colour of the lacquer.21f5ff_kolory2.jpg

In such a case sending the number of the lacquer is essential.

Upholstery colour:

In case of upholstered elements we offer only the colours listed below:


01 -white
02 -beige
03 -sandy
04 -yellow
05 -orange
06 -red
07 -black
08 -light blue
09 -dark blue
10 -light grey
11 -grey
12 -light green
13 -dark green