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Mazurenko Machine


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This machine that can easily imitate an armwrestling fight. Thanks to the wide range of available settings, you can ‘choose’ the sparing partner that will suit your preferences. It’s perfect for individual training. Imitating handle is regulated so it can change to left of right hand. Safe in usage.

Pit yourself against it and try to beat it.


Weight: 150 kg (with load)
Load: 60 kg (10 x 6 kg)
Height: 180 cm
Width: 90 cm
Length: 90 cm

General construction:

Frame: made out of steel profiles
Color of the frame: standard - yellow *
Legs: made out of steel pipes, the two front legs are covered with rubber quills
Handles: steel/chrome
Armrest: made out of coated fabric PVC
Color of the elbow pads: standard – red *
Rotating parts: on cone and ball bearings
Shifting the load: by a steel rope of 700kg maximum load capacity
Load: 10 bars of 6 kg each, which are attached to the chrome-plated runners with spring shock-absorption system
Extra load: There are two symmetrically assembled pins in the standard set allowing you to add an extra load (up to 50 kg)


We can strengthen our grip (wrist and fingers) and elbow attachments as well.

The whole set includes:

Pad, frame, handles, rotating elements, steel cord, standard load (10 x 6 kg).

* You can choose a different color from a wide range of available hues