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Mechanical Arm


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This machine is a demanding rival indeed. A real steel champion. The Mechanical arm can imitate perfectly a fight with a furious opponent. The imitative hand can be regulated so it can easily suit your individual preferences. The construction allows you to add up to 70 kg of external load. This machine is designed both for the professional armwrestlers and the beginners. Exercises that can be performed on the mechanical arm are not very sophisticated and don’t require much time to learn.


Weight: 120 kg (with the load)
Load: 75 kg (7,5 kg x 10
Height: 130 cm
Width: 80 cm
Length: 90 cm

General construction:

Legs: steel pipers covered with rubber quills
Frame: made out of steel profiles
Color of the frame: standard - yellow *
Handles: steel/ chrome
Elbow pad: coated fabric PVC
Color of the elbow pad: standard - red*
Rotating parts: on cone and ball bearings
Regulative parts: made out of chrome steel
Shifting the load: by a belt of 400kg maximum load capacity
Load: 8 bars of 8,5 kg each, guided by a runner made out of chrome-plated pipes, spring shock-absorbing system .
Extra load: There are two symmetrically assembled pins in the standard set, allowing you to attach some extra weights (up to 70 kg).


Thanks to this machine, we can strengthen our elbow attachments (by performed side pressure) which are really important for any armwrestler in any of the possible fighting techniques. What is more, it can strengthen our wrists and fingers.

The whole set includes:

Pad, the complete structure of the machine, standard load (8 x 8,5 kg), handles, rotating parts, regulative parts, belt

* You can choose a different color from a wide range of available hues